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A Virtual Escape Room Adventure


The NDSGC Virtual Escape Room is currently under construction! Some features may not yet be fully linked and operational. Please check back soon for a fully published version!

Welcome, Mars Explorer! Your mission is to complete each challenge below. Then, proceed to the Virtual Habitat Portal to find the clues to decode the mystery message.

Will YOU successfully escape from astronaut training?

Training Challenges

Your Crew

Who will join your Martian crew? What special skills and characteristics do they bring?


Botany Training

How will your crew eat on Mars? Will you grow food or bring it with you? Time to develop your green thumb!

Grand Canyon

Geology Training

How does water shape land and rock? Get ready to crash, tumble, and splash!


Health Training

How will you keep your crew happy and healthy on Mars? How does the habitat environment affect health?

Virtual Habitat Portal

Are you ready to apply what you learned in the training exercises?


Step into our Virtual Habitat Portal below, based on the real Lunar/Martian Analog Habitat on the University of North Dakota campus in Grand Forks, ND.

Remember to bring your Virtual Habitat Portal Crossword sheet

from the Student Guide or download a copy to fill out as you explore!

Submit Mystery Message
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