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Classroom Activities

North Dakota Space Grant Consortium supports educators in the classroom with resources and opportunities.  Check out all the opportunities below.

Hands-on Activities

NDSGC uses various STEM and NASA lesson plans in K-12 STEM engagements.  Many of these activities are inquiry-based, hands-on, and involve working in teams.

North Dakota Space Grant’s Escape from Astronaut Training offers students in grades 6-8 an opportunity to complete a series of cross-curricular astronaut training challenges. 

NDSGC is committed to providing STEM support across the state of North Dakota.  Our AT-Home STEM Kits allow students to conduct a simple STEM activity wherever they live, with adult supervision.

STEM Ambassadors

Classroom visits are often conducted by NDSGC STEM Ambassadors (ND college students).  They often lead hands-on STEM lessons in the classroom and share opportunities available to students.

NDSGC allows students to submit a letter to a STEM Ambassador with the goal of STEM Pals to encourage communication and cultivate curiosity in the fields of STEM.  Fill out the form to begin correspondence.


NASA provides different types of challenges for educators to bring real-world engagement to their classroom.  Some of the challenges are:

These challenges are subject to change from year to year.  Sign up for our Newsletter to receive up to date challenges and deadline dates.

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