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NASA Educational Resources



A resource to help educators find opportunities for their classroom to broaden students experience in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). This resource offers educators to create a profile to build your experiences to match your classroom needs, along with team-based challenges. Do you have students interested in working for NASA? You can search Internships and Fellowships by filtering the needs of your students to see what opportunities are available for them.



NASA CONNECTS is a Community of Practice for Educators. It is a platform for educators to connect with NASA content, find resources for your classroom, and opportunities to engage your students. NASA CONNECTS provides a platform to ask questions and get answers, follow the calendar of NASA engagements, join groups focused on your interests, and allows you to curate your NASA content to fit your classroom needs.



NASA SPARX provides formal and informal K-12 educators with an opportunity to bring STEM into their classroom. NASA SPARX provides standard-aligned, hands-on, engineering design opportunities for your students with a series of engineering design challenge modules geared towards your grade level. Join NASA Connects and select Sparx Interest Group for details on how to register.


Registration is open from September 2023- March 2024.  

NASA Explore

Educators, are your students into Graphic Novels and Comics? Here are a couple of resources to engage your students into reading.


Check out The Adventures of Commander Moonikin Campos and Friends - In a three part series read how NASA prepares for the Artemis I mission to the Moon and back by finding out how Commander Moonikin Campos and his crew mates: Helga and Zohar prepare and gather information for the missions.

Graphic Novel:

In the First Woman’s graphic novel, learn about Commander Callie Rodriguez and RT, her trusty robotic sidekick.


Issue #1: Dream to Reality follows Callie’s path to become the first woman on the Moon. Read about how she overcomes setbacks, disappointments, and tragedy during her journey.


Issue #2: Expanding Our Universe - Callie, RT and Dan have a new team member, Astronaut Meshaya Billy and Canadian Astronaut Martin Tremblay help to deploy the next-generation space telescope. See how teamwork and perseverance help the crew overcome the challenges faced.

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