STEM Activities

The NDSGC conducts the following activities at teacher workshops, K-12 outreach events, and with the STEM Ambassador program. Each folder connects to the activities' corresponding Google Drive folder. You should not need a Google account to access the materials.

These activities can be found below:

NDSGC Activity List

The following activities can be found in the master NDSGC Google Drive folder.
For convenience, we separated each one individually and listed it below:
Apollo 13
Astronauts and engineers must work together in this historical simulation. Great communication activity!
Bristle Bots
Small battery-powered robots tasked with cleaning up Mars' solar panels
End Effector
Replicate the grappling end of the ISS' CanadArm with simple materials!
Establish your Crew
Who would you take to Mars? Plan for long-duration spaceflight and isolation.
House Warming
How would you construct your Martian habitat to keep your astronauts safe from the harsh surface conditions?
Use NASA's GLOBE app to contribute to citizen science intiatives
Mars Rover Lander
(Egg drop) Land your Mars Rover Lander safely onto the surface!
On Target
Use Newton's laws to plan for and execute a precise landing!
Pocket Solar System
Make a distance scale of the solar system. Do you know how far apart the planets are?
Remote Sensing of Mars
Use real NASA documentation to plan the landing site of Perseverance Rover and Ingenuity helicopter!
Rockets to the Rescue
Save Mark Watney on Mars! Safely deliver a payload of essentials to a specific landing ellipse on Mars.
Solar System Processes
Analyze remote sensing images from all across the solar system and compare them to Earth's own processes.
Strange New Planet
Use different forms of technology to observe (and visit) your exoplanet! Class favorite!
Super Sleuths
Use your detective skills to match your meteorite samples to its parent-body asteroid.
Thermal Mapping on Mars
What lies underneath Mars' surface? Decipher where you would land your Mars lander to set up a human settlement.
UV Astronaut
Test different space suit materials to protect your astronaut from harsh solar radiation.
Water on Mars
Test mystery samples of liquid, brought back by the Curiosity Rover! Which one is water?
What's in the Wind?
Learn what's in our wind, using commonly found materials from the house.
Water Filter Challenge
Learn how astronauts on the ISS recycle water! Students will build filters with easy to find supplies, and preform tests on the water to see how their filter worked.
Marshmallow Constellations
Using mini marshmallows and toothpicks build the night sky!
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Please contact if you are unable to access these Google Drive locations, or if a document needs to be amended.

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